Our Done-for-You Roofing Appointment System is Unmatched

Roofers! We work on a pay-per-results bases!

Completely set up for you, ads running in under a week, and leads coming in within the first 24 hours. No shared leads, no complicated CRMs, no long term commitments.

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How to improve your lead quality?

Three ways to do it:

  • Use landing page and surveys

  • Target people who are older

  • Have right type of message and offer

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Roofing Client List

Daniel - Universal Restoration

Darin - Blue Star Roofing

Danny - Gu-Wi

Samuel - Legacy Roofing SRQ

Jay - Jay's Roofing

Dennim - DR Roofing

Omar - Make Over Roofing

Jay - JayBird Roofing

James - JK Roofing & Const.

Luis - American Roofing & Const.

Aaron - 123 Remodeling OK

Matthew - Legacy Roofing SRQ

How do we choose the service area? Is it by zip code? A radius? How does that work?

When roofing contractors want to use our system for finding new customers, they often ask how we choose the areas to target.

We do this by looking at a map together on the onboarding call and figuring out the best places to advertise based on where you want to work.

When I get a lead, how is it sent to me?

When a homeowner fills out a form or questionnaire on the landing page we create for you, their information is immediately sent into the CRM that we set up for you.

We can send the leads directly into your CRM if you're using one so you don't have to manually enter them.

Can the leads be sent automatically into the CRM (e.g., AccuLynx, JobNimbus, etc.) we are using?

Yep! We configure this on the onboarding call.

My website sucks. Is that going to negatively affect the results I experience with your advertising?

Your website sucks?


Hopefully that means you didn't waste thousands of dollars on having it built.

The fact of the matter is this:

No one cares that your website sucks except you.

Homeowners simply want to buy roofs and other contracting services from people they trust.

As long as you have a website, that's almost always good enough in the event a person does a quick search to make sure you're legit.

And it won't negatively affect any of the advertising we do for you because instead of sending traffic to your website, we send it to custom-built landing pages that we build for your advertising campaign that we know work to get leads.

Problem solved.

How quickly do leads start coming in once I enroll into your program?

Once you enroll in our program, the next step is to complete the onboarding call.

You're usually able to schedule that within a day or so of enrolling.

After that onboarding call, we have everything created and sent to you for approval within one week, but it's usually ready for your approval in 2-5 days.

Once you approve of everything, we turn the ads on and your first leads usually start coming in in the first 24 hours.

So, if you enroll with us today, for instance, and scheduled your onboarding call with us for 2 days from now, you'd have leads coming in as early as 4 days from now.

No waiting months for things to "warm up."

I’m still super skeptical and worried about getting burned. What can you do to make me feel more comfortable?


Don't worry...

We don't want to take money from people who don't make money using our services.

So we have a very simple guarantee: We work on a pay per appointment basis, so you only pay for the appointments we generate and you conducted.

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